1.1     Joining the game

To join the game of FootballClans you must register by using a username and password. After this process you must fill your profile and choose your avatar to represent you.

1.2     Predicting the games

All the games in today’s tab that are coloured in light green colour are available for prediction.

You can predict games up to 5 minutes before the official start time of every match. Users have option to predict who wins out of the daily matches.

Users willing to predict more, can unlock other types of predictions and ‘extra daily’ matches.

You can change your predictions up to 5 minutes before match start for every single match.

1.3     Winning points

After each successful match prediction there are points given according to FootballClans regulation. With these points you compete in Competitions and win prizes. Users points are never reduced they just keep growing. This is a proPositive game so users unsuccessful predictions do not reduce points they just equal to 0, instead un successful predictions do influence the form bar. (please see Managing ‘My Details’ )

For  5 pointsàevery win/draw/loose prediction

For  4 pointsàevery over/under prediction

For  7 pointsàevery Total Goals prediction

For  12 pointsàevery Exact Score

For  5 pointsàguessing player who will score

Bonus points: during special matches like champions’ league or competitions like the Euro2016, FootballClans might choose to offer 2 times or 3 times more points. Meaning that the points users accumulate will be 2 or 3 times more than the above for every correct prediction.


1.4     Winning Balls

Balls are used to unlock unlockables and to aquire players in other stages of the game. There are 2 types of Balls, ‘GoldenBalls’ and ‘Footballs’

GoldenBalls are won in 2 ways:

1) Every 250 points you get one GoldenBall

2) Every 100 Footballs you get 1 GoldenBall

Footballs are won in 2 ways.

1) for every correct prediction you get one Football

2) For every time you predict right 4/4 predictions in one game, you get 50 Footballs

1.5     Creating Clan

All users can create their own clan. Clan size must be from 1 to 11 a full squad size. Users can create open clans where everyone can join or private clans where joining requests need prior approval by clan Captain.

You can invite friends to your clan or friend can send a joining request.

Clan Captain is the person that creates the clan, he/she can choose wheather to accept/reject keep/throw out users in the clan. In case this person decides to leave the clan all the Captain badge will go to the person second in global rank or ‘vice Captain’.

1.6     Participating in Competitions

All users are automatically registered in open competitions. All points users win during the competition period reflect in the competition points ranking of a single user, whereas all individually accumulated points of users in a clan for the competition period reflect the clan competition points ranking. There are different kinds of competitions (for more please see information about competitions on Competitions menu on our website).

If users tie in points during a competition there is an automatic formula calculating the winner and all users must accept FootballClans decision as final.


1.7     Managing ‘My Details’

The ‘My Details’ tab is automatically generated according to users performance. The more points and correct predictions the user gets the better the ‘my details’ tab will look.

Form: is related to user performance in the last 30 days. Its a specific formula that shows to user and to other users how your prediction form has been in the last 30 days. If users predict correctly 50% of matches they are in 100% form.

Level: level is measured according to how much users have played. Every 500 predictions level goes up and so on, it is not necessary to be a correct prediction for level to go up. For every prediction users make regardless of the result the level counter is on. FootballClans stats show that a regular user should get leveled up every 15-20 days.

Global Rank: Global Rank is the current rank in the global measurement. The best performers will be top in global leaderboards.

Clan Rank: is the global rank of the clan you are registered to.

Favourites: is a tab where users direcrtly compete with their favourite friends. Users must find their friends in the global rank and STAR them so that htey appear in the Favpurites tab.

Trophies: is a Trophy closet filled with trophies of different competitions user win during their playing.