Game Description

Football Clans is a unique game that is launching in 2016, the game comprises of elements form other games combined together to make the ULTIMATE REAL LIFE FOOTBALL GAME.

All players can play for free… The aim of this game is to combine real life football results with game players. Users will play by guessing results, scores, number of goals for a selection of the best matches almost every day of the week. The more you guess right the more points you get. All points will be converted in ‘Game Credit’ or ‘Golden-Balls’ and with credit you can start becoming the owner/president of your own football team…

First you will have to acquire/buy a team and the stadium. At this point you will be given a bunch of free players. Gradually you will have to win more ‘golden-balls’ to buy your favorite players and construct you ultimate team.

All football players will be valued according to their current/real market value, 1 million = 1 golden-ball, if player value increases you can sell him in the market and buy a bunch of other players with that value. If the value decreases you loose money. The spicy of this will be that there is a limited number of Famous Football Players in the market and thus you will need to hurry in order to buy the most expensive players because others will buy them before you.

The team you construct will still earn points and thus help you climb up and make more points in the main leaderboard. To wrap up you will earn points from three different sources, from match&results guessing, from the results and goal differences of your favorite team and ultimately from the results of your own Football Players in your team.

The game purpose will be to accumulate as many points as possible in order to top the lead-boards. Every month there will be different prices for the best player who have accumulated the most points. There will also be an anual competition for the person who accumulates the most points annually, the price will be a REAL GOLDEN BALL. A part from this there will be the spicy trick of clans. All players can create a clan and invite up to 11 Clan members to play. All clan members points will be accumulated in order to win CLAN-PRIZES. Prices will include incredible holidays for all clan members in Ibiza, Corfu, Mykonos etc. and football trips to ChampionsLeague, UEFA Cup, EuroNational, FIFA world cup matches.

In order for clan leader to value Clan members there will be two status bars for every player. The ‘ranking bar’ which would be a combined formula of elderly and results and the ‘form bar’ which will show the players form in the last 30 days… Players will aim to keep both bars in good condition in order to be resultative.

The ultimate goal of a clan will later be to start the CLAN CHALLENGE BATTLES. In the battles you can bet game credit against another clan and see which of the clans earns more points during a specific time. The clan that makes more points against the other will earn the gambled game credit. In this same way you can gamble players,

Eg. If a Clan gambles Messi and another Club Gambles Ronaldo , the clan with more points will go away with both. Like we say above there will only be a limited number of Messi’s and Ronaldo’s and thus with time when they are off the market tho only way to get them will be to gamble in CLAN BATTLES or to buy it with a crazy price from a competitor.

We will create a virtual market of players and teams and the most successful TEAM PRESIDENTS will be the ones who are not only good a picking players but also predicting scores and scouting for new talented football players.

BECOME THE NEW FLORENTINO PEREZ, have your own team from a president’s point of view, manage finances, manage budgets, manage your own squadron of 20 footballers..